Nothing much here for the moment... go to for the project's summary page.

*NEW* Afilias has release a utility for testing EPP registries. It's a SourceForge project and can be found here.

An EPP Howto is available. It tries to make EPP easier to understand for domain registrars.

Click here to see a compatibility matrix for the RTKs and the EPP Registries.

Afilias, the operators of the .info and .org registries, are hosting an EPP (pre02) Sandbox registry open to developers. See for more information and to register for access.

You can also access the API docs and user guides for recent RTK Releases here...
  Java   Release 0.3.10 .info API Docs User Guide
Release 0.4.1 .biz/.us API Docs User Guide
Release 0.5.0 .name API Docs User Guide
Release 0.7.2 .org API Docs User Guide
C++ Release 0.1.2 .info API Docs
Release 0.2.0 .biz/.us API Docs
Release 0.3.2 .name API Docs
Release 0.7.0 .org API Docs

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